My Love for FC Bayern Munich & My Stint at Albert Park FC

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I have been asked to write about my love for soccer but the truth is that even I can’t begin to remember how old I was since I started playing soccer. It always seems to take me back to the “good old days” when I was given a small soccer ball to play with. My dad would turn it around with his feet and ask me to imitate.

Growing up, I closely followed FC Bayern Munich, a club which my father revered as well. When FC Bayern won the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup back to back in 2013, we were ecstatic. Such historic performances don’t come by often, and just goes to show the quality and skills of the Bayern Munich players. I remember those days when my father used to take me with him to watch some of the most amazing soccer action at the Munich Olympic Stadium and I hold some really sweet memories there. Later on we enjoyed all the matches of my favourite team at the Allianz Arena which became the new home ground of Bayern Munich.

Allianz Arena

I’ve learnt a lot from watching this amazing team play and continue to do so. Now that we’re settled in Australia, I’m playing for an amateur league called Albert Park FC here in Melbourne. It was inevitable. Having had the knack soccer, I knew I was going to play at some point in my life. Had it not been for my injury, I wouldn’t have taken a break either. But now that I’m back, and playing, it’s all right.

Being a soccer player is not easy, I’ve learnt from my father – some days are going to be rough; but that is what the life of a soccer player is after all. Isn’t it?

The Beautiful Game

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Hi I am Nathan. I am originally from Berlin where my love for soccer began. In fact, my whole life revolves around soccer. Like most other kids at that time, ‘The Beautiful Game’ was introduced to me by my father, Clause. My father used to produce soccer nets for a living and was just happy to be associated with Soccer in some way.

Being the only son of someone who was so closely attached to soccer, it was no surprise that I took to playing soccer from a very young age. All through childhood, if I wasn’t at school, then I was surely playing soccer; and my father had a big role to play.

Perhaps that is what I was meant to do after all. I didn’t want to be doing anything else. I started off playing for local leagues when I was young; but before I could pursue soccer as my sole career, a bad injury set me back. Now, we’ve moved here to Melbourne, where my father continues to run his shop producing soccer nets and I help him out in any which way I can.

One day the thought occurred to me– there are so many people around me that love soccer; why not share my own two bits about the game? And that’s how I started this blog. I dedicate this to my father and all you soccer fans out there.


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